Caring For The Hurting

For some people, memories of minor childhood illness are happy memories filled with special treatment, yummy teas and snuggling in momma’s bed watching cartoons all day.  For others, childhood illness is not something they remember… or want to remember because experiences like that were nothing more than wishful dreams. I had a harsh reality moment today when I realized that so many kids will never have such fond memories, either because of lack of a loving home or because of even worse…

Every day, more and more children are being taken or coerced into human trafficking.  Many victims are lured in, having never experienced living in a loving home, with hopes of finding love and someone to care for them.  Many are stolen from their loving homes, taken from the place that once provided sweet memories.

These children are no different than my children and YOUR children.  They too will get sick, injured, sad, and upset… only these children have no one to comfort them, make them tea, snuggle with them, or even have a day filled with rest in a comfy bed with cartoons on.  They won’t receive sympathy from their “caretaker”, but be expected to get back to “work”. They won’t feel any love, but rather empty loneliness as they sit in misery, with fever, sore throat, upset stomach, etc.  The person that they now trust as their “caretaker”, whom they have been deceived to think cares about them, only cares about the money that child provides, and the fact that their being sick means less money. No comfort.  No tea. No snuggles. No comfy bed. No Momma or Daddy.

It breaks my heart to think that I have such wonderful memories of my mom taking care of me when I was sick, and my grandma’s cinnamon tea and chicken and rice soup.  It is a painful thing to think that countless children would either never have those memories, or are stripped away from the loving home that once provided those moments!

It is great to hear the news stories of children rescued from human trafficking!  It’s a wonderful feeling to know they are safe… But what about the many who are victimized every day, those who are not, and will not be rescued?  What about those who are rescued…. They are traumatized, they need help, they need hope. Some might return home, but MANY don’t have a home to return to, or should not return because the “home” was not safe.  Victims who are rescued need so much more than what is available to them. They need a HOME, they need guidance, they need resources, they need LOVE.

God is Love.  He commands that we love one another as He has loved us.  God is our source of hope, our provider, guide, healer, and so much more.  He loves us no matter what, His love is unconditional. He is our Loving Father, even more so than our earthly parents.  What a great way to extend that love to others, by caring for them, providing for them, helping them! Spoken For and NM Dream Center needs your help in this endeavor!   Check out for information about our 12 for 12 campaign and how you can be part of sharing the love to these victims, and helping prevent many from becoming victims.


My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. (John 15:12)

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