Volunteer Experience with Nadia Cardona

Recently we sat down with one of our Case Managers and Volunteers, Nadia Cardona.   We asked her some questions about her experience working with victims of Human Trafficking.

1. How has working with HT Victims Changed the way you feel about people?

Working with HT victims has made me feel more compassion and empathy. I’ve always been empathetic towards people, but I really think this puts it on a whole nother level. I’ve never been in these situations so I can’t imagine how it feels.

2. How have you been impacted by working with Victims of HT?

Hearing the stories of these women really made me open my eyes to the issue of HT. I didn’t realize how often it happens and right under our noses. I never fully understood why this happens and I don’t think I ever will, but I know that I can offer prayer and comfort for these women.

3. Why do you work with this population?

It hurts my heart to hear the stories so I can’t not do anything about it. After hearing about the issue, God put it on my heart to help the people in this horrible situation.

4. Can you share some Stories and Memories about working with clients? Good or bad! 

I remember when the first time I was driving our younger client around in my convertible and she was so excited. She loved my car and would always want to put the top down, even in 40-degree weather. She would blast her music (sometimes with some pretty provocative lyrics) but I think that this is what it’s all about. If you want to put the top down and blast music around the city, then let’s do it! It’s about meeting them where they’re at and not getting embarrassed about it or judging them for it.

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