12For12 Campaign

New Mexico has a hidden crisis.  There are approximately 5000 homeless youth across the state with most of them being in the Albuquerque metro area.  These youth are so vulnerable to sexual exploitation - 55% of all homeless youth are forced to live by survival sex and within the first 48 hours of being homeless, a teen will be approached by a trafficker.  It is up to us as a community to stop this. With the funds raised through this campaign, the NMDC will open an outreach drop-in center and a transitional living program to address this crisis head-on. Your $12 dollars can make the difference in the life of a teen in our state.

Dare To Dream

Who We Are

Spoken For is an Albuquerque based organization that exists to end sex trafficking in New Mexico. We are actively involved in the process of rescue, aftercare, and advocacy for formerly trafficked individuals, providing emergency housing for identified victims and collaborative partnerships to address transitional and long-term housing needs.