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A21 #WalkforFreedom

Spoken For is passionate about supporting other organizations who are fighting human trafficking. The A21 Campaign is hosting a Walk for Freedom on October 17, 2015 in locations all over the world. There are several walks within driving distance of A
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Health Consequences of Human Trafficking

At the recent 2014 Trafficking in America conference Laura Lederer, J.D., presented findings from a recent articleshe co-published with Chris Wetzel, “The Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking and Their Implications for Identifying Victims in
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Awareness – Spoken For’s Anti-Human Trafficking Summit

Spoken For is preparing to host our second annual anti-human trafficking summit. It is one of our stated goals to increase awareness about this issue in New Mexico. Part of increasing awareness is to address the misconceptions people have about what
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What Modern Day Slavery Looks Like in Albuquerque

by Vicki Ragsdale Slavery is whenever a person is controlled and exploited by another person. There are more slaves in the world today than ever before. Pimps control 80%-95% of all forms of prostitution. Nearly 70% of those in prostitution entered b
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Coercion is a powerful tactic in keeping trafficking victims enslaved.
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Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children

“Why didn’t you just leave?” “I was 14 years old when I was forced into prostitution. I grew up in a broken, abusive family. So when a man came into my life and showered me with attention and listened to me,  I did not think

How Does a Girl Become a Prostitute?

By Shelley Repp – Spoken For Director We call it “the world’s oldest profession” this causes us to think that this would be a career choice like choosing to be a teacher or choosing to be lawyer. The reality is that those who work on the
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Annie is the first survivor of human trafficking that Spoken For has had the privilege of working with.
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