Sex Trafficking in New Mexico - Education & Prevention

Identify Trafficking

Spoken For is raising awareness about what this issue looks like in our state. We are educating individuals and making them aware of the tactics used by pimps and traffickers, as well as alerting them to the signs of exploitation, and what to do if they encounter it.


Recognize Solutions

Spoken For collaborates with other organizations strengthening efforts to make a difference. Our goal is increased public awareness about the resources that are available for individuals who find themselves in high-risk situations or who are already being exploited.


Educate to Restore

Spoken For offer annual education and training events for professionals such as social workers, first responders, police, teachers, and aftercare providers. We want to ensure providers are equipped with resources to protect and restore victims and survivors.


Reduce Future Victimization

Spoken For 's “Upstream Initiatives” reach out to kids in schools, shelters, and community settings to teach them how to protect themselves and their friends from becoming victims of trafficking.