Spoken For is committed to:

1 End sex trafficking in New Mexico.
2Advocate for victims and provide resources and trauma informed after care to survivors.
3 Provide educational opportunities for care providers to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills that are key to a survivors restoration.
4 Prevent further exploitation of victims and reduce future occurences of trafficking.

How We Achieve Our Mission

  • We strongly believe that prevention is far more effective than a cure. Awareness and education are two main ways to prevent sex trafficking. By reaching out to Joy Junction and Albuquerque public schools, we hope to equip young people with strategies to avoid being victimized. We also believe that by educating the community, including those who create demand for the sex industry--can prevent sex trafficking. We are doing so by reaching out to the tourism and hospitality industry during the New Mexico State Fair and Balloon Fiesta. Spoken For also hosts an annual summit that is offered free of charge to the public. The summit also provides educational resources and free CEU/LEU's to social workers and social service agencies, local law enforcement, medical personnel and first responders. Our aim is to prevent sex trafficking through awareness before it begins.
  • We are offering care and support to help restore the lives of victims who have survived sex trafficking. We believe rescue is not a single event, but a process. Escape from sex trafficking begins with the act of removal from harm’s way. However, this is only the first step toward restoration. Without viable and sustainable career and life skills, an individual rescued from trafficking has few opportunities and little direction. Spoken For is creating victim advocacy training where advocates will help provide comprehensive restorative aftercare for those rescued from sex trafficking. By receiving trauma therapy, life skills and sustainable career training, they transform from enslaved victims to survivors with hope for a future.
  • Spoken For works with local New Mexico business owners that are passionate about collaboration within the community, specifically through internships and sustainable careers for survivors. By expanding collaboration, we increase the effectiveness of rescuing survivors and prevent further victimization. When survivors can make their own choices and discover new dreams, their hope of a future is restored. Partnerships with local organizations and businesses provide a bridge for victims that leads to opportunities, programs and systems that give survivors the tools needed to realize their dreams.

Spoken For currently partners with several organizations to help achieve our mission, including care providers, non-profits, first responders, and anti-trafficking task forces.

  • The Life Link of Santa Fe
  • The Baer Foundation - treatment foster care
  • Joy Junction
  • Street Safe
  • Project Zoe
  • Copper Pointe Church
  • Albuquerque Police Department - Vice Unit
  • New Mexico Attorney General's Office - Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Albuquerque Mayor R.J. Berry's Office - Human Trafficking Task Force