The complex issues surrounding sex trafficking require an approach guided by love, compassion and justice. As we seek to help vulnerable populations, these values provide the foundation for every decision we make and interaction we have.

Spoken For Values

  • Spoken For is committed to actively demonstrating the love of Christ. Christ's love can be summarized as selfless, outgoing concern for others. This selfless care for individuals involved in sex trafficking leads to a more realistic understanding of the motivations and experiences underlying their behaviors. It also leads to more effective solutions that move trafficking survivors past crisis to stabilization. Moreover, modeling the love of Christ reminds us that even those who commit the most horrific acts are children of God and are loved unconditionally.
  • Spoken For is committed to an attitude of compassion that leads to service for the people we encounter. This way of showing compassion isn't a passive emotional response but rather a deep sense of responsibility for the welfare of others. We believe that true compassion is a direct result of understanding what Christ has done for us and it requires us to move from conviction to action. This is our motivation in dedicating ourselves to this work, to each other, and to every individual we serve. Compassion inspires us to serve the vulnerable by working to restore what was lost and provide meaningful choices for their path forward.
  • Spoken For strives to seek justice for those trapped in sex trafficking. Often they are caught in a cycle of manipulation where their freedom to determine their own future is taken from them. Justice doesn't stop at ending the crime of sex trafficking. Justice works beyond the violation, empowering survivors to move past their exploitation and live the lives they choose for themselves.

Resources limit our efforts to confront this complicated problem, so we have strategic partnerships to multiply our impact. We are partnering with local law enforcement, service providers, and community members to meet a comprehensive set of needs for those we are helping. Spoken For recognizes that effective solutions directly result from the collaborative effort of the people and organizations we work with.

Multiply Our Impact!