Spoken For UNM


We are a student organization at the University of New Mexico. Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive social change by empowering students to become part of the solution to end sex trafficking in New Mexico. We want to educate and raise awareness on our college campuses to help students prevent sex trafficking.

A single voice is not enough to bring an end to exploitation. It requires a network of communities and relationships committed to abolishing this form of modern day slavery.

Join Spoken For UNM and Help Us Organize

If you want to do more to help us fight this form of modern day slavery we want you to get involved. Become a leader in this movement, join other student activists creating positive outcomes, help organize campus awareness events, and find out about steps you can take to make a difference.


Share What You're Doing & See What's New

Join our Spoken For Facebook page and take part in an active forum for students to share ideas and coordinate efforts. Also find out about upcoming events and campaigns. Learn more about this issue here in Albuquerque to help us explore solutions with the Inquiry Project.