Those who have been victims of sex-trafficking face many obstacles as they make their way through the process of reintegration as a survivor in their communities. Social stigma and personal emotional scars must be overcome, in addition to the original conditions that contributed to their vulnerability to traffickers. Spoken For provides practical assistance for the successful reintegration as victims and survivors face this daunting task of rebuilding their lives. We want to empower survivors to live healthy, independent lives.

Victim & Survivor Resources Spoken For Provides

  • We are able to offer short term temporary shelter and housing. This provides victims the opportunity to move from a place of crisis to stabilization.
  • We provide transportation for both victims and survivors for support services, medical treatment, and various therapies.
  • We offer immediate and long term help with clothing, food, household furnishing, financial needs.
  • We collaborate with private and public local organizations to provide support services for victim and survivor reintegration.
  • We help survivors with education completion, resume building, and job searches.

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